Alberto Cortez - Callejero In English

He was a stray in their own right
his philosophy of the freedom
was to win his without binding others
and on the others will never pass.
although was of everyone never had a owner
that to condition their reason for being
free as the wind was our dog
ours and of the street where he was born.
He was a stray with the sun on their backs
loyal to his destiny and in his view
without having schedule for sleeping
nor accountable to the dawn
he was our dog and was the tenderness,
that every day we lose more
and it was a metaphor for the adventure
that in the dictionary can not be found.
I say our dog because we love him
we consider our property
and was of the children and of the old pablo
who rescue him from her loneliness.
He was a stray and was the character
from the open door in any home
and it was in our neighborhood as of the landscape
the serene, the priest and everyone else.
It was the stray of the beautiful things
and went away with them when he left us
suddenly he drank all the stars
he fell asleep and never woke up
He left us the space as a testament
full of nostalgia, full of emotion
his memory vague for our feelings
to spilling them in this sad song.